Integrodifferential Equations

  • Erdogan Madenci
  • Atila Barut
  • Mehmet Dorduncu


In an integrodifferential equation (IDE), the unknown function also appears under the integral sign, and it can be expressed in the formwhere u(x) is the unknown function and the parameter p denotes the degree of the derivative. The known functions K(x, t) and f(x) are referred to as the kernel and the forcing function, respectively. The limits of integration m(x) and n(x) can vary or remain as constants. The determination of the unknown function u(x) is achieved by enforcing the necessary initial conditions. According to the limits of integration, they are classified as Fredholm and Volterra IDEs. With constant limits of integration, it is classified as the Fredholm IDE of the form


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  • Erdogan Madenci
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  • Atila Barut
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  • Mehmet Dorduncu
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