An Assessment of the Relationships between Attitudes toward Patriotism, Environmentalism, and the Purchase of Organic Apparel in US Consumers: An Abstract

  • Ming Wang
  • Lori RothenbergEmail author
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Patriotism is a sense of loyalty and emotional attachment to an individual’s country, which can influence purchasing behaviors and attitudes toward foreign-made products. In addition, the characteristics and activities associated with environmentalism may vary across different consumer groups. Moreover, as consumers are trying to expand their organic lifestyle to clothing, opportunities to effectively communicate the value of organic apparel that connects with consumers are needed. However, few studies have focused on the influence of patriotism on attitudes toward organic apparel and environmental awareness. The purpose of the current study is to investigate the relationships between attitudes toward patriotism, environmentalism, and the purchase of organic clothing and the variation they lead to consumers’ behaviors.

Environmentalism is a multifaceted construct, which mainly consists of environmental beliefs, environmental concern, and pro-environmental behavior. Based on the concepts of patriotic environmentalism, three hypotheses are proposed:
  • H1: Environmental beliefs will be stronger for high patriotism compared to low patriotism.

  • H2: Environmental concerns will be stronger for high patriotism compared to low patriotism.

  • H3: Pro-environmental beliefs will be stronger for high patriotism compared to low patriotism.

Literature links patriotism to environmentalism, and further research links environmentalism to attitudes toward purchasing organic apparel. Patriotism might be related to attitudes toward the purchase of organic apparel, which led to the fourth hypothesis.
  • H4: Attitudes toward purchasing organic apparel will be stronger for high patriotism compared to low patriotism.

Data were collected using an online questionnaire composed of preexisting scales. High and low patriotism groups were formed and compared by using the top and bottom quartiles on the patriotism scale. A total of 306 college students were surveyed because they are familiar with the apparel category and because of their buying power when it comes to apparel. The results confirmed that individuals with an elevated level of patriotism possess environmental concerns and pro-environmental beliefs toward the countries they abide in and favor. That is, those who have a sense of loyalty toward one’s country also feel a moral obligation to preserve the countries they are devoted to. These initial findings suggest that marketers that support domestically produced goods should further highlight and emphasize “American made” in their marketing communications. In addition, creating future marketing campaigns that highlight love of country and the environment may lead to impulse purchases.

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