Investigating the Tech-Savvy Consumer: An Abstract

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Many designated as “tech savvy” have more than just a cursory understanding of technology. Moreover, there are those who comprehend technology very well. As technology has evolved, so should our understanding of consumers of technology. A focus on tech-savvy individuals can lead to an understanding of a variation of consumers who may not be innovators or early adopters, but have a working knowledge of technology-based products and considered opinion leaders by other consumers. Being tech savvy may or may not lead to an affinity for the products. However, this research will give marketers an understanding of another aspect of consumer behavior. The purpose of this research is to investigate exactly what tech savvy really means in terms of the consumer and how firms can leverage marketing based on insight into this consumer.

Tech-savvy individuals are not only ready for technology; tech-savvy individuals seek out knowledge and are ready to prove this knowledge to others. The dimensions of tech savviness will be developed to uncover key characteristics of those who are tech savvy and using this construct empirically. Considering this, the questions to be addressed in this research are as follows:
  • Are tech-savvy consumers, who are more knowledgeable about technology and consider themselves as tech-savvy individuals, more likely to be opinion leaders?

  • What are the characteristics of tech-savvy consumers?

  • How can marketers identify these individuals and understand their roles?

Tech savvy goes beyond technology readiness and acceptance of technology to understand those who are very familiar with technology. Having a better understanding of tech savviness will aid in understanding this particular type of consumer. On the other hand, it will also serve in understanding those who do not consider themselves technologically savvy. Understanding the differences in consumers allows specific applications of marketing tools in servicing all consumers.

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