Patience and Perseverance in Administering Justice – The Role of a Judge at the Andean Tribunal of Justice

  • Luis José Diez Canseco Núñez


There is nothing more gratifying for a law professional than the administration of justice. It is an honour that comes with great responsibility. Indeed, the parties to a proceeding pin all their hopes on those of us sitting behind the bench. This work is highly challenging and not devoid of doubts depending on the complexity of a case, but also on personal characteristics: for example, knowledge or lack thereof; training or misinformation; beliefs and biases; culture and ideologies. We are human beings not immune to doubts: when we return to our offices after a decision has been handed down, and especially after oral hearings—where parties give their all to share their points of view—we bare a heavy burden and walk slowly and in silence. We are seized with a feeling of indescribable solitude, and perhaps even suffering. We must hand down a decision knowing that the hopes of the parties to a proceeding hinge on our action.

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  • Luis José Diez Canseco Núñez
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  1. 1.Faculty of Law of the Universidad Tecnológica del PerúLimaPeru

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