The Development of Collingwood’s Metaphilosophical Views

  • James ConnellyEmail author
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Connelly discusses the development of Collingwood’s conception of philosophical methodology and how his early reflections on the role and character of philosophical analysis gradually gave rise to his mature metaphilosophical views. He shows that concerns with second-order questions concerning the nature of philosophy were present from the very beginning and that Collingwood’s later metaphilosophical view gradually evolve from, rather than break away with, his earlier metaphilosophical reflections. The chapter provides a much-needed guide to understanding how Collingwood developed his mature metaphilosophical views concerning the nature of philosophy through his engagement with Oxford realism and logical positivism.



I would like to acknowledge the British Academy and Leverhulme Trust (Senior Research Fellowship SF160132) for their support in carrying out this research.


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