Arts and Crafts Policies: Heritage vs Economics in France

  • Francesca Cominelli


This chapter aims at investigating the evolution of arts and crafts policies in France. The author starts with a presentation of the crafts sector and the controversial definitions adopted within the French cultural, legal, and economic system. Then, an analysis of the actual public interventions in this field is proposed, permitting to point out two main groups of policies: on the one hand, the ones oriented at the economic valorization of crafts knowledge and skills; and on the other hand, those more focused on their cultural dimension. Finally, the attention is turned to the institutions that at the national, regional, and local level operate for the implementation of these policies.


Arts and crafts Public policies Cultural heritage Intangible cultural heritage 


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  • Francesca Cominelli
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  1. 1.IREST/EIRESTUniversity Paris 1 Panthéon-SorbonneParisFrance

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