Design and Realization of Catching and Grappling Course Multimedia CAI System Based on Web

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The use of Catching and Grappling Course Multimedia CAI System can maximize the use of limited educational resources. The design and implementation of the system enables learners to independently arrange their own training speed, intensity, and content in accordance with their physical characteristics, learning and training interests, training content and progress. Catching and Grappling Course Multimedia CAI System is specifically divided into: the management department management module, the teaching person management module, the trainer access module, the overall design and detailed design of each module, based on the server, the storage efficiency is improved, and abundant multimedia catching and grappling modernize training means is added. The modern training methods of combat skills, subvert the single character of the narrative, improved the effect of teaching and training, and can meet the needs of different levels and different types of learners and grassroots self-training.


Catching and grappling Teaching and training Network systems Computer assistant teaching 


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