Soft Tissue Augmentation (Temporary Injectable Fillers) on the Trunk and Extremities (Hands, Feet, Trunk)

  • Alyx Rosen
  • Shino Bay Aguilera
  • Drew Taylor
  • Eduardo Weiss


In 2015, over 2.4 million patients had treatments with soft tissue fillers, with the largest population between 40 and 54 years of age and ranging in age from teenagers to nonagenarians (ASPS, Plastic Surgery Statistics Report 2015, 2015) (4). This data is also representative of the patient population seeking treatment with temporary fillers of the trunk and extremities where the average age is around 60 years, with females significantly outweighing males. All skin types are represented in this demographic, but skin types II–IV are far more common than V–VI.


Dorsal hands Temporary fillers Volume loss Extremities Trunk Soft tissue 


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