The Dual Individual and Its Rights

  • José Maurício DominguesEmail author


Domingues sets out with a discussion of the split nature of political modernity, which has also a central juridical aspect. He starts with Marx’s early reflections. As the first categories in the analytical exposition carried out in the book, the rights-form and the citizenship-form as well as law are analysed in great detail. The concept of form frames them. The dialogue with Pasukanis, Jellinek, Hohfeld, Schmitt, Kelsen, Hardt, Dworkin, Alexys, Habermas and Honneth, among others, permeates the book. Classical political philosophy is present in terms of the detailed genealogy of the ideas discussed. A concept of the imaginary, in dialogue with Castoriadis and contemporary currents, is put forward. The categories present and criticized received also a positive content. Finally, sovereignty is introduced as a means to operate a transition to the following chapter. The pristine abstract character of political modernity holds centre-stage throughout.

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