Background of the Employment Act III: An Economic Bill of Rights

  • Donald R. Stabile


This chapter traces the effect Roosevelt’s Second Bill of Rights, with its promotion of a “right to a useful and remunerative job,” had on the push for the Employment Act. It also examines how Keynesian economics was incorporated into the idea of the right to a job by offering a way to determine the amount of government spending that was needed to reach full employment, the primary use that Roosevelt and his followers made of Keynes’ ideas. The CIO, in line with the right to a job, set forth a plan for a guaranteed annual wage as a way to foster full employment, but, the chapter will argue, Keynesians disputed that plan. This dispute showed a flaw in the combination of the political economy of a living wage with fiscal policy to form the hybrid system of redistributive economics.


Economic rights Fiscal policy Nation’s Economic Budget Guaranteed wage 


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