Case Study 5: Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach – Functional Analysis

  • Jennifer WoolardEmail author


This case describes Tom, a 14-year-old male who has been using marijuana regularly with his friends after school. An outline of the functional analysis of substance using behavior from the adolescent community reinforcement approach (A-CRA) is utilized to obtain detailed clinical information and influence the goals of treatment. Tom’s triggers and positive consequences are reinforcing his cannabis use. Without intervention, he will likely continue spending time with friends in an environment encouraging substance use with minimal parental supervision. Discovering alternative peer networks or activities after school can decrease risk for use. Finding healthier, substance-free ways to achieve some of the benefits Tom sees in using substances should be explored. Providing material about its effect on Tom’s relationships can be used later as reinforcements for change.


Functional analysis of substance using behavior Adolescent community reinforcement approach Reinforcers Triggers Adolescents 


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