Conclusions: Key Considerations for Green Economy Project Implementation

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This chapter synthesises green economy implementation issues from previous chapters, covering the farm (project) and policy levels, including general implementation recommendations for the agriculture sector. Full understanding and correct interpretation of the green economy concept, based on its fundamentals and what these mean in an agricultural context; within specific cultural, political, and socio-economic settings is required for successful implementation (realization of social, economic and environmental benefits). An enabling environment comprising appropriate policies, infrastructure, resources and institutions is critical. Green economy initiatives should address real life issues and should respond appropriately to global factors such as changing climatic, technological and marketing conditions. Agriculture has a central role in human well-being through its direct role in food production, livelihood provision, and impacts on the environment; and green economy initiatives should therefore optimise production, protect the environment and improve socio-economic outcomes. Sustainable production practices are well- placed to achieve green economy ideals. Small-scale vegetable production enterprises have the capacity to meet environmental and socio-economic green economy ideals and could effectively drive green economies. Green economy implementation entails considering and translating large volumes of information into coordinated actions and processes which enable methodical synthesis of information and its translation into actions that facilitate achievement of green economy ideals.


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