Variants of Cubature Kalman Filter

  • Kumar Pakki Bharani Chandra
  • Da-Wei GuEmail author


Cubature Kalman filter (CKF) discussed in the last chapter deals with nonlinear systems with single set of sensors and with Gaussian noise. In this chapter, variants of CKF, namely the cubature information filter (CIF), cubature \(\mathcal{H}_{\infty }\) filter (C\(\mathcal{H}_{\infty }\)F) and cubature \(\mathcal{H}_{\infty }\) information filter (C\(\mathcal{H}_{\infty }\)IF), and their square-root versions, will be explored. Each of these filters is suitable for particular applications. For example, the CIF is suitable for state estimation of nonlinear systems with multiple sensors in the presence of Gaussian noise; the C\(\mathcal{H}_{\infty }\)F is suitable for nonlinear systems with Gaussian or non-Gaussian noises; and finally, the C\(\mathcal{H}_{\infty }\)IF is useful for estimating the states of nonlinear systems with multiple sensors in the presence of Gaussian or non-Gaussian noise.


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