Direct Measurements of Swell Potential of Expansive Soils with Computerized Equipment

  • Murat TürközEmail author
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Many studies have mentioned that expansive soils cover wide areas in many parts of the world. Research work on this subject has been conducted and designed criteria have been proposed. The identification and classification techniques developed for expansive soils are used to qualitatively determine the possible impact of volume change on the behavior of soils. Yet, a standard measurement and identification method for determining the swell potential of the soils has not been established. The direct measurements that constitute the subject of this study are computer controlled and can be simply applied and provide very useful quantitative data for design engineers without the need for complex laboratory equipment. Within the scope of this study, first, geotechnical properties of 40 different soil samples were determined and then, compaction characteristics at the Standard Proctor energy level were obtained. The swell percentage and swell pressure values of samples prepared by compressing in optimum water content were determined using computer controlled direct methods. As a result, statistical evaluations were made for the purpose of practical use.


Compaction Expansive soil Swell percentage Swell pressure 


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