Geotechnical Characterization of the Batoufam Lateritic Gravels (West Cameroon) for Road Construction Purpose

  • Takala Boris HonoreEmail author
  • Mbessa Michel
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This study involves the geotechnical characterization of lateritic soils from Batoufam (West Region of Cameroon). The methodology involved the collection of samples from the field and laboratory analyses which involved identification and characterization tests at the National Advanced School of Engineering of Yaoundé. The results obtained show that: In the quarry, two stratigraphic levels are observed, a nodular and a superior sandy clay level on which vegetation is present; The material studied is a gravelly sandy clay of the A-2-7 (0) class according to the HRB classification; The gravelly materials have an optimum dry density of 2, 23 and an optimum water content of 13%. The direct bearing capacity values of CBR and by immersion are 42, 5 and 31 respectively, classifying them of the S5 class. The values of resistance to compression and traction are 15.44 bars; 13.78 bars and 8.82 bars and of 1.7 bars; 1.5 bars and 1.4 bars respectively after exposure for 4.7 and 28 days in open air. According to the practical guide involving road construction in tropical countries, the material studied is useful as platform and base layer for all traffic classes (T1–T5), as well as foundation base for low traffic (T1–T3).


Batoufam West region Basalts Geotechnical properties Cameroon 


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  2. 2.National Advanced School of Public WorksYaoundéCameroon

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