Potential Remobilization of Heavy Metals by Wave Friction Case of Algiers Bay

  • Atroune FaridEmail author
  • Hemdane Yacine
  • Bouhmadouche Mohamed
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Marine pollution is one of the majors problems of concern to coastal populations. This concern resulted principally from multiple forms of marine pollution. Algeria is one of the most affected countries by this pollution, resulting in an obstacle to economic and social development. However, the uncontrolled urbanization of watersheds and the presence of high-risk industrial sites, close to urban concentrations, have generated considerable pollution and degradation, which has endangered the environment and public health. The pollution by heavy metals of superficial sediments, carried by the El Harrach river, is spread over Algiers Bay in a diversified way. These sediments generally have a high affinity for fine-grained sediments. Maouche (Thèse de 3ème cycle. Océanologie. Univ. Perpignan, 225 p + annexes, 1987 [1]) specified that the fraction below 40 μm occupies more than 75% of the superficial sediments of the Bay of Algiers. Heavy metals are usually associated with the fine fraction. Then, numerical modeling of waves and sediment transport were applied in order to observe the potential dynamic of marine pollution in Algiers Bay. The results show that heavy metals can be remobilized by moderate waves (frequent). This work allowed to highlight the possible role of waves in the resuspension of contamined sediments deposited on the shallow water of the bay of Algiers. Therefore, it is highly recommended to monitor the water quality of Algiers Bay in order to protect both the human health and marine ecology of the region (including the coastal waters of Algiers Bay).


Marine pollution Superficial sediments Heavy metals Algiers Bay 


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  • Hemdane Yacine
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  • Bouhmadouche Mohamed
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  1. 1.Laboratoire Géo-Environnement, Faculté des Sciences de la Terre, Géographie et Aménagement du TerritoireUniversité Houari BoumedieneAlgiersAlgeria

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