Temporal Shallow Water Tidal Analysis at Sharm Obhur, the Red Sea

  • V. R. ShamjiEmail author
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The shallow water tidal variation in the Sharm obhur plays temporally more dynamic and more active role in the physical and biological processes. Comprehensive studies on the shallow water tidal analysis were carried out at the Sharm obhur with one complete data in 2013 using different data analysis techniques. The harmonic analysis technique IOS was used for deriving shallow water tidal constituents and temporal analyses were also carried out. The selective amplification was identified for the shallow water constituents, Zo and the same sample was analyzed seasonally along with other important shallow water tidal constituents like MSf, M2, K1 and N2 etc. The study reveals that tidal range in the Sharm obhur is mainly shaped by the shallow water constituent Z0, can be used for the long-term sea level variation study in this Red Sea region.


Shallow water tidal constituents Harmonic analysis IOS method Sea-level 


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