Evaluation of Natural Radioactivity Levels of Pre-Cambrian Basement Rocks from the South-Western Margin of Arabian-Nubian Shield, Sudan

  • Mohammed AbdallsamedEmail author
  • Mushaal Salih
  • Asim El Mansour
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This study aimed to investigate the activity concentration levels of 238U and 40K for the basement rocks using in situ gamma-ray spectrometry to set a base data to be used as a reference in case of any radiological accident. In average, the activity concentration levels of 40K are 1226 Bg\kg and 860 Bq\kg in migmatite gneisses and micaschist, respectively. The higher levels in the migmatite gneisses are due to high concentration of feldspar minerals. These average values are either analogous or higher than the standard concentration levels of continental crust. The activity concentration levels of 238U from migmatite gneisses show an average value of 42.4. The micaschist displays an average value of 45.6 Bq\kg. These values are greatly elevated than the average values recorded from basement rocks worldwide.


In situ gamma-ray spectrometry Natural radioactivity Basement rocks North kordofan state Sudan 



The authors wish to express their deep appreciation and gratitude to the team of SAEC for analyzing the collected samples.


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  • Mohammed Abdallsamed
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    Email author
  • Mushaal Salih
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  • Asim El Mansour
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  1. 1.Department of Geology, Faculty of ScienceUniversity of KordofanElobeidSudan

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