Achieving Cognitive Skills in Multimedia Through Revised Bloom Taxonomy

  • Reshmy KrishnanEmail author
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Students in middle east are having innovative skills in multimedia and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and hence self-learning and critical thinking can be enhanced through the teaching of this subject through proper design of the course. To achieve cognitive learning objectives in students, revised bloom taxonomy can be embedded while designing the curriculum. Teaching activities should be aligned to achieve self-learning and critical thinking in students according to the revised bloom taxonomy. Through a Project Based Learning (PBL) method in multimedia and HCI course, the above cognitive learning objectives can be developed in classroom. In this paper the design and practice of a multimedia and HCI curriculum which is taught in Muscat College, Sultanate of Oman is described and demonstrates how cognitive skills are achieved through the embedding of revised bloom taxonomy. The design of the course took the students to the various concepts of graphics techniques and practicals give them the exposure towards realization of those techniques. The final project is developed through the integration of all these practical and tutorial experiences. The observation shows students have applied their creativity with revised bloom taxonomy to obtain the goal in a wonderful way.


Revised bloom taxonomy Project based learning(PBL) Multimedia Graphics Human computer interaction (HCI) Self-learning Critical thinking Cognitive learning 


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