Overview of Recent Seismic Activity in Northeastern Algeria

  • Issam AbachaEmail author
  • AbdelKarim Yelles-Chaouche
Conference paper
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This work was devoted to recent seismicity of Northeastern Algeria. It was achieved after the installation of the new Algerian seismological network. This study showed clearly that this region is the most active because almost 2/3 of seismic events occur there. Recently, several important events occurred in this region such as, the 2007 Mila crisis, the 2010 Beni-Ilmane earthquake sequence, the 2012–2013 Bejaia earthquake sequence, the 2015 Ain Azel earthquake and the 2017 earthquake sequence along North Constantine Fault (NCF). We determined the physical parameters of these events in order to understand their rupture processes. We also calculated the reorientation of the stress tensor in some regions. Finally, this work could be considered as the most representative contribution to the knowledge of seismic hazard of the North-East region of Algeria.


Tellian Chain Focal mechanism Source parameters Scaling la seismic sequence 


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  1. 1.Centre de Recherche en Astronomie Astrophysique et Géophysique, CRAAGBouzaréah, AlgiersAlgeria

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