Reassessing the Rupture Process of the 2003 Boumerdes-Zemmouri Earthquake (Mw 6.8, Northern Algeria) Using Teleseismic, Strong Motion, InSAR, GPS, and Coastal Uplift Data

  • Hamoud BeldjoudiEmail author
  • Bertrand Delouis
  • Abdelkrim Yelles-Chaouche
Conference paper
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In this work we determined the coseismic slip distribution of the Boumerdes-Zemmouri earthquake (Mw 6.8, 2003) by inverting the most comprehensive data set, teleseismic seismograms, strong motion seismograms, Coastal uplift, Global positioning system and Interferometric Synthetic Aperturs Radar. We suggested a model of coseismic slip distribution on two segments; the first segment oriented N70° and the second segment located to the west of the first one and oriented N100°. The two fault segments exhibit some overlap in the Boumerdes area. The resulting slip maps do not overlap. The slip distribution shows two slip patches on the N70 segment containing the hypocenter. The eastern patch is shallower, located between 0 and 9 km deep, with a maximum slip of 230 cm. The western patch on this same segment is deeper, between 4 and 12 km depth, and slip reaches 270 cm at its center. The N100 segment also displays two slip patches, a small one in the East of the segment located between the depths of 4 and 8 km and a larger one in the western part of the segment, located between 0 and 10 km. In both patches of the N100 segment, the maximum slip lies between 110 and 140 cm.


Waveform modeling Rupture process Boumerdes Zemmouri Coastal uplift Geodetic data Seismological data 


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  • Bertrand Delouis
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  • Abdelkrim Yelles-Chaouche
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  2. 2.GeoazurValbonneFrance

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