Development of a Concept for a Holistic Knowledge-Based Additive Manufacturing over the Entire Lifecycle

  • Cordula AuthEmail author
  • Alexander Arndt
  • Reiner Anderl
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Part of the IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology book series (IFIPAICT, volume 540)


Based on the increasing digitalization, collecting data and using it for process optimization gets more important nowadays. In the field of additive manufacturing (AM), data are neither collected nor analyzed standardly over the entire lifecycle. Nevertheless, the optimization of the process of AM with the help of process information is one possibility to increase the quality of manufactured components. Thus, the data handling and usage in the field of AM forms a huge research gap. Therefore, the main aim of this paper is the development of a concept for a holistic knowledge-based AM over the entire lifecycle starting at material production, following by product development, production process with pre-, in- and post-processing, use phase of the product and ending with recycling or disposal.

The introduction deals with the definition of and the motivation for a knowledge-based AM. The following part explains the AM process chain and the lifecycle of a product. The next part contains the concept for the development of a knowledge-based AM. Therefore, the AM process chain needs to be connected with the lifecycle and all steps of the new created process need to be defined. Aims of the concept are the collection of process data and the efficient use and storage of the collected data. With the help of the data, an optimization of the quality and process reliability is possible. The last part of the paper covers an outlook on the implementation of the concept. The outlook and conclusion highlight potential benefits of the knowledge-based AM.


Additive manufacturing Process chain Lifecycle Data management Process optimization 


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