Spatial and Temporal Variations of Bare Land in Beijing, China: A 30-Year Analysis

  • Yating ChenEmail author
  • Aobo Liu
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Bare land can be used as an indicator of urbanization. It can be accurate, fast, and low-cost to acquire the distribution and temporal-spatial variations of bare land with remote sensing technology. Over the last 30 years, the rapid urbanization processes of Beijing may have introduced bare land in urban areas. In this study, we take advantage of high-spatial resolution Landsat archive with long-term record to extract the bare land areas in Beijing. Then the temporal-spatial evolution of bare land area in winter and summer for 16 districts and 4 functional zones of Beijing are analyzed. We find that the bare land area in Beijing was reduced by about 600 km2 between 1987 and 2016. Changes in bare land are caused by the urban development process. Bare land is mainly distributed in new urban development zone and ecological conservation zone. Finally, we proposed some suggestions for controlling the bare land in winter, which would help to mitigate environmental hazard such as dust emission and soil loss caused by exposed bare land.


Bare land Dust source Beijing Landsat 


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