A Microlocal Category Associated to a Symplectic Manifold

  • Boris TsyganEmail author
Conference paper
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For a symplectic manifold subject to certain topological conditions a category enriched in \(A_{\infty }\) local systems of modules over the Novikov ring is constructed. The construction is based on the category of modules over Fedosov’s deformation quantization algebra that have an additional structure, namely an action of the fundamental groupoid up to inner automorphisms. Based in large part on the ideas of Bressler-Soibelman, Feigin, and Karabegov, it motivated by the theory of Lagrangian distributions and is related to other microlocal constructions of a category starting from a symplectic manifold, such as those due to Nadler-Zaslow and Tamarkin. In the case when our manifold is a flat two-torus, the answer is very close to both the Tamarkin microlocal category and the Fukaya category as computed by Polishchuk and Zaslow.


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