Hydrocarbon Source Rocks within the Western Flank of the South Caspian Basin (Azerbaijan): Geochemical Study and Petroleum System Modeling

  • Shalala HuseynovaEmail author
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Five stratigraphic intervals in the Mesozoic–Cenozoic complex, which are distinguished as the source rocks within the western flank of SCB, are identified on the basis of geochemical study and petroleum system modeling: Eocene, Oligocene–Lower Miocene, Middle Miocene, Upper Miocene, and Lower Pliocene. Their hydrocarbon generation potential and maturity have been assessed. Retrospective analysis of the distribution of the hydrocarbon generation pots, at the different periods of geological time, shows that spatial distribution of HC generation pots is mosaic and corresponds to tectonic structure, lithological heterogeneity and generation potential of separate stratigraphic complexes, heterogeneity of heat and geobaric fields.


South Caspian basin Hydrocarbon Organic matter Petroleum system modeling Pyrolysis Hydrocarbon generation 


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  1. 1.Oil and Gas Institute of Azerbaijan National Academy of SciencesBakuAzerbaijan

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