Gravity Changes, Earthquakes and Oil Field (Italy)

  • Valentino StraserEmail author
  • Mario Campion
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The gravitational variations are a recurring registered event from the possibly experimental station of Rovigo (Italy). The intervals of variations have a duration from 9′ to 21′ 23′ and these continue to happen for temporary intervals from some hours to some weeks. The important variations of local microgravity, roughly 27 milligal, is registered as an equivalent of a strong earthquake. The gravitational variations should rarely happen in the absence of seismicity. The authors interpret the complex phenomena of gravitational local variations as the results of undulatory interferences generated from the Oil reservoir in areas of definite hydrocarbon occurrence. The study, which started in 1999, should add new geophysical concept suggesting a new non-invasive research preliminary method in order to locate oilfield hydrocarbon deposits.


Oil field Earthquake Microgravity Gravimeter Gravitational pulsations 


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  1. 1.Italian Ministry of EducationParmaItaly
  2. 2.RovigoItaly

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