New Model of Wadati-Benioff Zone in Java-Sumatra Subduction System and Its Tectonic Implication

  • Mirzam AbdurrachmanEmail author
  • Sri Widiyantoro
  • Muhammad Zaky Abdul Alim
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The previously Wadati-Benioff Zone (WBZ) proposed models, relevant to the Java and Sumatra region, turn out to be unable to provide thorough explanations as to the variation noticeable in the volcanic positions associated with both islands. Some volcanic positions are not aligned and prove to have different distances from the trench. For the purpose of providing a reliable explanation concerning the volcanic position related irregularity relevant to this particular area, 2977 relocated earthquakes concerning the interval 1964–2007 were implemented, and 2580 earthquake hypocenters were selected and applied to design a novel WBZ model. Our study reached results prove to indicate that the newly established WBZ model can be divided into four zones, namely, the Sumatra, West Java, Central Java, and East Java zones. These zones can help explain the volcanic position relating irregularity as formed in Sumatra and Java. The attained results are also confirmed through the phenocryst appearances and K2O55 distribution persistent in the Java zone. In this meeting our newly established WBZ model relevant to the Sumatra and Java areas will be presented.


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    Email author
  • Sri Widiyantoro
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  • Muhammad Zaky Abdul Alim
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  1. 1.Department of GeologyBandung Institute of TechnologyBandungIndonesia
  2. 2.Global Geophysics Research GroupBandung Institute of TechnologyBandungIndonesia

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