Enigma of Ferruginous Inclusions in Evaporites

  • Rail KadyrovEmail author
  • Mikhail Glukhov
  • Evgeny Statsenko
  • Bulat Galiullin
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The ferruginous inclusions were discovered to persist in the evaporite sample, as extracted from the Upper Roadian gypsum deposits of the Kamsko-Ustyinskoe field (Russia). The particles have different forms, from tabular to spherical, with various surface textures. The chemical compositions include Fe, C, O, less Al, Si, Mn, but Ni is absent. The inclusions are assumed to have a terrestrial origin.


Evaporites Gypsum Ferruginous Particles Iron 



The work is performed according to the Russian Government Program of Competitive Growth of Kazan Federal University.


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  • Rail Kadyrov
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  • Mikhail Glukhov
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  • Evgeny Statsenko
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  • Bulat Galiullin
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