The Impact of the Mobilization of Water Resources in Semi-Arid Areas on Sustainable Development: The Case of Timgad Basin, Northeastern of Algeria

  • Athamena AliEmail author
  • Menani Mohamed Redha
  • Djaiz Fouad
  • Belalite Halima
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A hill reservoir research project aims, among other perspectives, to improve the regional agriculture potential through irrigation of small areas. For such a project, the feasibility study for a given area is fundamental before the establishment of any related applied research works. This paper is of a socio-economic relevance for the Timgad region (NE Algeria) as the presented results consist of a contribution of both socio-economic operators and policy makers. In the study area, water resources are closely related to the regional geology and the main objectives of the establishment of the Foum-Toub hill reservoir is to promote the irrigation of its plain, regulate the flow of the Foum-Toub creek and minimize the silting of the Koudiet Lemdaour dam. The selected sites for the construction of this work are characterized by an impermeable bedrock. Loose material, favorable to serve as borrow areas, can be supplied from the surrounding depressions where sandstone can also be used for the dike construction.


Feasibility Hill reservoir Foum-Toub Timgad NE Algeria 


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  • Athamena Ali
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    Email author
  • Menani Mohamed Redha
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  • Djaiz Fouad
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  • Belalite Halima
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  1. 1.Mobilization and Water Resources Management LaboratoryUniversity of Batna 2BatnaAlgeria

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