Pan-African Transpression in the Tahifet Area (AzrouN’Fad Terrane, Central Hoggar, Algeria)

  • Kamel AmriEmail author
  • Yamina Mahdjoub
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The Tahifet area is located in Central Hoggar and belongs to the Azrou N’Fad terrane. The geological history of Tahifet is highly linked to two plurikilometric submeridian shear zones oriented NNW-SSE, which control the establishment of the Pan African batholite of Azir N’Fad. We have termed the West Azrou N’Fad Shear Zone (WASZ) and the East Azrou N’Fad Shear zone (EASZ). These sinistral ductile strike slip faults share the same deformation field as the overlaps determined in the studied area. This represents a structural argument in favor of a transpressive phase.


First transpression Gneiss Exhumation Tahifet 


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