Impact of Geodynamics on Tectonic and Climatic Risk Instabilities in Interior Seas: Insights of Land-to-Sea Study on Caribbean Pathways (Haiti). Potential Application on Mediterranean

  • Nadine Ellouz-ZimmermannEmail author
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The Caribbean Sea can be described as an intercontinental sea, which is presently squeezed between the two major American continental blocks. In comparison, the Mediterranean Sea which occupied several Ma ago a comparable position, at present registers a more advanced stage as it has been nearly closed between the African and the Eurasian converging continental plates. It is proposed to examine how tectono-sedimentary processes interact under active convergent tectonic regimes and how they impact the land-to-sea evolution, on these two examples of interior seas. The objectives are to analyze, and propose a hierarchy for the forcing parameters, geodynamics, local tectonics and seismicity, sedimentology, seawater circulation and climate (wind, rain falls.), in order to constrain the dynamics of the margins.


Tectonics Hazards Destabilization Caribbean and mediterranean interior seas 

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