South Tunisia, Structures and Traps Evolution: A Review from a New 3D Mega-Merge Survey

  • Ferid AdouaniEmail author
  • Ahmed Saadi
  • Francis Chevalier
  • Noura Ayari
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Improving 3D seismic data by dedicated reprocessing and having access to regional mega-merge datasets is allowing the OMV exploration geologists access to a more detailed understanding of the structural evolution of the Ghadames Basin in the south of Tunisia, and to better characterize the associated structures. It also helps exploration activity to focus on remaining hydrocarbon potential in subtle traps, structural or stratigraphic.


3D seismic Mega-merge Ghadames basin South Tunisia Extension Compression Strike-slip movements Differential compaction 


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  • Ferid Adouani
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  • Ahmed Saadi
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  • Francis Chevalier
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  • Noura Ayari
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