Clay Minerals in Fluvial Shaly Sandstone of Upper Triassic Reservoir (TAGS)—Toual Field SE Algeria: Identification from Wireline Logs and Core Data

  • El Hadi MazouzEmail author
  • Messaoud Hamimed
  • Abdelouahab Yahiaoui
  • Mohamed Said Benzagouta
  • Mohamed Khodja
  • Nada Achi
  • Joëlle Duplay
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The present investigation attempts to highlight clay minerals existing in fluvial shaly sandstones belonging to the Upper Triassic reservoir (Rhaetian) using the French abbreviation “TAGS” for Trias argilo-gréseux supérieur. This reservoir is localized in the Toual Field SE in Algeria. In absence of core samples, three types of clay minerals are detected by wireline log analysis and core data (porosity and permeability measurements). The Thomas and Stieber petrophysical model (shale volume vs. total porosity) was applied to differentiate allogenic clay (laminated and structural clays) from authigenic clay (dispersed clay). This model clearly shows that dispersed clay type has a leading presence in the reservoir’s sandstone. The Neasham petrophysical model (porosity versus permeability) allowed us to find that authigenic illite (a dispersed type of clay) is dominant in TAGS sandstones. This model also shows that permeability is highly influenced by authigenic illite whereas porosity is less affected.


Clay minerals TAGS Toual field Upper triassic 


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  • El Hadi Mazouz
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  • Messaoud Hamimed
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  • Abdelouahab Yahiaoui
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  • Mohamed Said Benzagouta
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  • Mohamed Khodja
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  • Nada Achi
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  • Joëlle Duplay
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  1. 1.University of Larbi Ben M’HidiOum-El-BouaghiAlgeria
  2. 2.Larbi Tebessi UniversityTebessaAlgeria
  3. 3.Mostapha Benboulaid (Batna-2) UniversityBatnaAlgeria
  4. 4.Sonatrach Research DepartmentHydraAlgeria
  5. 5.LHyGes Strasbourg UniversityStrasbourgFrance

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