Grain Size Analysis for the Study of Wave Energy in the Vicinity of Breakwaters: Case of the Coast of Ain Taya (Algiers)

  • Mohamed BouhmadoucheEmail author
  • Yacine Hemdane
  • Farid Atroune
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Some studies have allowed us to understand hydrosedimentary dynamics of the eastern Algerian continental shelf where the aspects of morphology, hydrodynamism and erosion were underlined (Bouhmadouche and Hemdane in Environ Earth Sci 75(10) 2016, [1]). The aim of this paper is to understand the impact of “hard” coastal protections of Ain Taya (Algiers) on the hydro-sedimentary balance. The granulometric analysis of sediments is essential for this study to be conducted. This study made it possible to obtain some information concerning the forcing of coastal waves, currents and coastal erosion. In addition, this study provided insight of the impact of the coastal protection (installed on the Ain Taya coast) on the coastal dynamics of the region surrounding the breakwaters of the study area. These “hard” coastal protections disturb sedimentary dynamics and marine hydrodynamics. Therefore, the dimensioning of the coastal protection structures should be based on the hydrosedimentary balance regulating the coastline and beaches.


Coastal erosion Grain-size Coastal protections Waves and currents Ain taya 


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  • Mohamed Bouhmadouche
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    Email author
  • Yacine Hemdane
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  • Farid Atroune
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  1. 1.Laboratoire Géo-Environnement, Faculté des Sciences de la TerreGéographie et Aménagement du Territoire, Université Houari BoumedieneEl-alia, AlgiersAlgeria

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