Stratigraphic Differentiation of the Zagros Foreland Basin Sequence, Kurdistan Region, (Northern Iraq): Impacts on Oil Accumulations

  • Basim Al-QayimEmail author
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Field examinations of surface and subsurface stratigraphic data from 50 localities and wells from NE Iraq are used to revise and differentiate the Arabian margin sequence and Zagros foreland basin evolution. The stratigraphic arrangement of megasequences AP9, AP10, and AP11 of the Arabian plate stratigraphy is revised and chronostratigraphically correlated across the different parts of the basin. Their bounding surfaces are revised according to regional extent unconformities and associated hiatuses. Backstripping analysis is attempted to support stratigraphic differentiation.


Zagros Iraq Sequence Cretaceous Tertiary Stratigraphy Arabian margin 


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  1. 1.Department of GeologySulaimani UniversitySulaimaniahIraq

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