Paleozoic Reservoir Systems in the Ghadames and Jefarah Basins, Tunisia

  • Adel JabirEmail author
  • Adrian Cerepi
  • Corinne Loisy
  • Jean-Loup Rubino
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Twenty eight wells with its geological well reports and well logs from the Paleozoic reservoirs of the Ghadames and Jefarah basins (Libya) illustrate how reservoir properties changes laterally and vertically through time (from a proximal to a distal setting). The reservoirs in the study area are spread over a large range of siliciclastic succession with the prospective section extending from Cambrian to the Permian. Six stratigraphic cross sections through the study area have been reconstructed to illustrate the vertical and lateral reservoir extensions. It was noted that the reservoir properties vary laterally and vertically between the proximal and distal deposits with the average porosity decreasing towards the distal part of the basin.


Ghadames basin Jefarah basin Paleozoic Sandstone reservoirs Porosity 


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  • Adel Jabir
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  • Adrian Cerepi
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  • Corinne Loisy
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  • Jean-Loup Rubino
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  1. 1.EA 4592 Géoressources et Environnement, ENSEGID—Bordeaux-INPPessac CedexFrance
  2. 2.Total CSTJF, Avenue LaribauPau CedexFrance

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