New Biostratigraphic Scheme from the Cenomanian-Turonian of South Algeria

  • Madani BenyoucefEmail author
  • Djamila Zaoui
  • Mohammed Adaci
  • Mohamed Lassad Guendouz
  • Abdelkader Mennad
  • Mustapha Bensalah
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The Cenomanian-Turonian rocks of South Algeria (Saharan Atlas and Sahara) are widely distributed, well exposed and display beds extremely rich in ammonites and other macrofossils as well as in microfauna and forming laterally traceable horizons. They are subdivided into four ammonite zones: Neolobites vibrayeanus Zone, Nigericeras gadeni Zone, Vascoceras cauvini Zone and Pseudotissotia nigeriensis-Choffaticeras sinaiticum Zone. The Cenomanian/Turonian boundary coincides with the base of the Pseudotissotia nigeriensis-Choffaticeras sinaiticum Zone. The lower-middle Cenomanian and middle-upper Turonian are barren of ammonites.


Cenomanian-Turonian Algeria Saharan atlas Sahara Ammonites Biostratigraphy 


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  • Djamila Zaoui
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  • Mohammed Adaci
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  • Mohamed Lassad Guendouz
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  • Abdelkader Mennad
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  • Mustapha Bensalah
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  2. 2.Earth and Universe Sciences, Research Laboratory no 25Abou-Bekr Belkaid UniversityTlemcenAlgeria

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