Facies Architecture in Carbonate Ramps: Learned Lessons from Jurassic Cases Studies in the Iberian Basin

  • Beatriz BádenasEmail author
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High-frequency sequences (HFSs) recorded in shallow platform carbonates represent key “building blocks” to decipher how and where carbonate sediments were created and accumulated in response to internal and external mechanisms. This keynote illustrated the usefulness of the HFSs to improve understanding of the facies heterogeneities in shallow-water carbonate ramp successions. Learned lessons in this topic from the analysis of three distinct Jurassic carbonate ramps in the Iberian Basin (NE Spain) will be explained. The studied ramps illustrate the facies heterogeneities generated by the interaction of distinct depositional facies arrangements (facies mosaic vs. facies belts) to changing internal and external factors.


High-frequency Sequences Facies heterogeneities Carbonate ramp Jurassic 


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