Aerosol Optical Depth of Dust in Urban and Desert Area of Kuwait

  • Noor Al-DousariEmail author
  • Ali Al-Dousari
  • Modhi Ahmad
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The sun photometer instrument measures atmospheric dust and aerosols distribution showing aerosol optical properties of the atmosphere. The study shows different uses of the device when used in an urban area (K) or desert area (S) investigating 339 days of collected data from August 2015 to July 2016 in the visible wavelength i.e. 870, 675, 500, 440 nm. The results show that there were 35 days of extreme dust events. Values varied from one location to another but in General, data in an urban area were always higher than those of a desert area. The objective of this study was to investigate particle distribution difference between two different locations. The obtained values for the urban area exceeded those of the desert on dusty days with a 32.21% due to wind element that is considered as a critical factor in obtaining data.


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We thank the PI Eng. Alaa Ismail and Dr. Hala Al-Jassar for their efforts in establishing and maintaining Shagaya park and Kuwait University sites.


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