3D Reconstruction of Residential Areas with SfM Photogrammetry

  • Murat YakarEmail author
  • Yusuf Dogan
Conference paper
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Photogrammetry is the use of two dimensional (2D) images to provide measurement data. Photogrammetry uses a procedure referred to as “Structure from Motion” (SfM) to solve feature positions within a defined coordinate system. SfM photogrammetry offers the possibility of fast, automated and low-cost 3D data acquisition. The aim of this study was to investigate some applications of 3D reconstruction of residential areas generated by SfM photogrammetry. 3 different sites were reconstructed by 3 different methods using a UAV system. Each method was examined according to its advantages and drawbacks in the light of the SfM photogrammetry.


SfM Photogrammetry UAV Residential 3D reconstruction 


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  1. 1.Mersin UniversityCiftlikkoyTurkey

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