Scaling Egocentric Vision: The Open image in new window Dataset

  • Dima DamenEmail author
  • Hazel Doughty
  • Giovanni Maria Farinella
  • Sanja Fidler
  • Antonino Furnari
  • Evangelos Kazakos
  • Davide Moltisanti
  • Jonathan Munro
  • Toby Perrett
  • Will Price
  • Michael Wray
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11208)


First-person vision is gaining interest as it offers a unique viewpoint on people’s interaction with objects, their attention, and even intention. However, progress in this challenging domain has been relatively slow due to the lack of sufficiently large datasets. In this paper, we introduce Open image in new window , a large-scale egocentric video benchmark recorded by 32 participants in their native kitchen environments. Our videos depict non-scripted daily activities: we simply asked each participant to start recording every time they entered their kitchen. Recording took place in 4 cities (in North America and Europe) by participants belonging to 10 different nationalities, resulting in highly diverse cooking styles. Our dataset features 55h of video consisting of 11.5M frames, which we densely labelled for a total of 39.6K action segments and 454.3K object bounding boxes. Our annotation is unique in that we had the participants narrate their own videos (after recording), thus reflecting true intention, and we crowd-sourced ground-truths based on these. We describe our object, action and anticipation challenges, and evaluate several baselines over two test splits, seen and unseen kitchens.


Egocentric vision Dataset Benchmarks First-person vision Egocentric object detection Action recognition and anticipation 



Annotations sponsored by a charitable donation from Nokia Technologies and UoB’s Jean Golding Institute. Research supported by EPSRC DTP, EPSRC GLANCE (EP/N013964/1), EPSRC LOCATE (EP/N033779/1) and Piano della Ricerca 2016–2018 linea di Intervento 2 of DMI. The object detection baseline helped by code from, and discussions with, Davide Acuña.

Supplementary material

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  • Antonino Furnari
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  • Evangelos Kazakos
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  • Davide Moltisanti
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  • Jonathan Munro
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