Evaluation of Constipation and Treatment of Abdominal Constipation

  • Muneera R. Kapadia
  • Madhulika K. VarmaEmail author


Constipation is a prevalent condition that can have significant effects on quality of life. Initial treatment should include behavioral modification and fiber supplementation or laxatives. In patients that require further intervention, testing modalities are available to aid in differentiating between constipation subtypes. For patients with slow transit constipation, confirmed by transit studies, prescription medications are available which may improve symptoms. Those who do not respond favorably may be candidates for surgical intervention, which is most commonly a total abdominal colectomy. Most importantly, management strategies for constipation must be tailored to the individual patient.


Slow transit constipation Sitz marker study Laxative Colectomy Ileostomy Antegrade colonic enema Sacral nerve stimulation 

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