Pilonidal Disease and Hidradenitis Suppurativa

  • Eric K. Johnson


Pilonidal disease and hidradenitis suppurativa are both chronic inflammatory diseases that affect patients in the prime of their lives. They can significantly impact an individual’s quality of life and may cause significant disability and consumption of health care. Both diseases may be approached non-operatively, but in many or most, surgery will ultimately be required. This chapter outlines several approaches to both the simple and complex patient and also provides background and medical options as they relate to these processes. It is imperative to tailor the treatment approach to disease severity, anatomy, and the patient’s expectations.


Pilonidal disease Hidradenitis suppurativa Cleft lift Limberg flap Rhomboid flap Karydakis flap 

Supplementary material

Video 17.1

Video of a Bascom cleft lift procedure for pilonidal disease (MOV 94672 kb)

Video 17.2

Video of a rhomboid flap for pilonidal disease (MP4 116455 kb)

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