Invitation to Hilbert C*-modules and Morita–Rieffel Equivalence

  • Bartosz Kosma KwaśniewskiEmail author
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Hilbert C*-modules play a fundamental role in modern theory of operator algebras and related fields. From the present perspective, one could distinguish the following main areas of application, which were initiated respectively by Rieffel (1973), Kasparov (1981), Woronowicz (1991) and Pimsner (1997): (I) Induced representations and Morita equivalence; (II) KK-theory; (III) C*-algebraic quantum groups; and (IV) Universal C*-algebras.


Hilbert C*-module C*-correspondence Morita–Rieffel equivalence 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2010).

Primary 46L08 Secondary 46L55 


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