Local Distance Pattern Distinguishing Sets in Graphs

  • R. Anantha KumarEmail author
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Let G = (V, E) be a connected graph and W ⊆ V be a nonempty set. For each u ∈ V , the set fW(u) = {d(u, v) : v ∈ W} is called the distance pattern of u with respect to the set W. If fW(x) ≠ fW(y) for all xy ∈ E(G), then W is called a local distance pattern distinguishing set (or a LDPD-set in short) of G. The minimum cardinality of a LDPD-set in G, if it exists, is the LDPD-number of G and is denoted by ϱ(G). If G admits a LDPD-set, then G is called a LDPD-graph. In this paper we discuss the LDPD-number ϱ(G) of some family of graphs and the relation between ϱ(G) and other graph theoretic parameters. We characterized several family of graphs which admits LDPD-sets.


LDPD-set LDPD-number Local metric set 



The author is thankful to Professor S. Arumugam for suggesting this problem. Also the author is very much grateful to the constant support of MEPCO Schlenk Engineering College (Autonomous), Sivakasi.


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