Analysis on Time to Recruitment in a Three-Grade Marketing Organization Having Classified Sources of Depletion of Two Types with an Extended Threshold and Shortage in Manpower Forms Geometric Process

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  • B. Esther Clara
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Shortage in manpower owing to classified sources of depletion takes place in any marketing organizations. As frequent recruitment involves cost and time, it is not advisable to recruit as when the shortage in manpower occurs. Since the shortage in manpower and the inter-decision times are probabilistic, the organization requires appropriate recruitment policy for recruiting personnel. In this paper, the problem of time to recruitment based on shock model approach is studied by considering classified policy and transfer decisions when the shortage in manpower due to policy decisions forms geometric process and the extended threshold gives a better allowable cumulative shortage in manpower in the organization. Analytical expressions, namely, mean and variance for the time to recruitment, are obtained, and the results are numerically illustrated, and conclusions are drawn.


Three-grade marketing organization Two sources of shortage in manpower Classified policy and transfer decisions Extended threshold Geometric process Univariate CUM policy of recruitment Shock model approach 

MSC Classification codes:

Primary: 90B70 Secondary: 60H30 60K05 


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