Nonlinear Programming Problem for an M-Design Multi-Skill Call Center with Impatience Based on Queueing Model Method

  • K. Banu Priya
  • P. RajendranEmail author
Conference paper
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A new method is proposed to obtain the state-transition rates and the service level using the Erlang-A queueing formula for an M-design multi-skill (MDMS) customer service center (CSC) with two kinds of calls and three service centers present to serve the different kinds of calls. The special case of this MDMS method is the third service center which has the ability to serve both kinds of calls. The main aim of customer service center is to minimize the customer’s waiting time and cost. The calculated service-level values are applied in the nonlinear programming problem. The proposed method is illustrated with the help of numerical examples.


Quadratic programming Queueing model Multi-skill call center 


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