Applying a Relax-and-Fix Approach to a Fixed Charge Network Flow Model of a Maritime Inventory Routing Problem

  • Marcelo W. FriskeEmail author
  • Luciana S. Buriol
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11184)


This work presents a Relax-and-Fix algorithm to solve a class of single product Maritime Inventory Routing Problems. The problem consists of routing and scheduling a heterogeneous fleet of vessels to supply a set of ports, respecting lower and upper limits of inventory at production and consumption ports, along with a time horizon. A fixed charge network flow is used to model the problem, and valid inequalities are incorporated into the formulation, providing tight bounds and enabling the Relax-and-Fix algorithm to obtain good solutions in reasonable processing times. Three MIP-based local search procedures are proposed for improving solutions. Tests performed on a set of benchmark instances from the literature show that the solution approach can be effective for solving the problem.


Maritime Inventory Routing Problem Fixed Charge Network Flow Relax-and-Fix MIP-Based Local Search 



The present work was carried out with the support of CNPq, National Council of Scientific and Technological Development - Brazil and the support of FAPERGS, Foundation for Research Support of the State of Rio Grande do Sul.


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