Resisting Post-truth Whiteness: The Grassroots as Sites of Black Radical Activism

  • Ornette D. Clennon


In this chapter, Ornette D. Clennon traces the colonial origins of ‘post-truth’ politics. Clennon also ponders whether we are witnessing the final iteration of neoliberalism where colonial racial templates of social ordering have been liminally deracialised and adopted by the profit-obsessed market in order to subject an ever-widening demographic to social inequality. Clennon finally wonders what the impact of this market development will have on grassroots community self-determination.


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  1. Clennon, O. D. (2017). Community Resistance in a Neoliberal Post-truth Era: Is Self-Care Becoming a Radical Political act? The Political Anthropologist [website]. Available at

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