Preventive Medicine

  • Matjaž Zwitter


Vaccinations, medical counselling for children and adults with the promotion of healthy life habits, and programs for the early detection of chronic diseases, such as some forms of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes, are saving more lives than any branch of curative medicine. Preventive medicine is the main factor in prolonging life expectancy and is cost-effective. In ethical consideration, however, we should not forget that the activities of preventive medicine are directed towards healthy people. Any decision for the unsolicited intrusion of medicine into the lives of healthy persons should be made only after very thoughtful consideration, including public debates with representatives of non-medical professions and promotion of preventive programs in lay media. Apart from actions directed towards individuals, preventive medicine also has a vital role on the population level. Opposing all attempts to silence their voice, physicians should retain their professional integrity and should analyze and openly discuss issues that significantly impact human health, such as poverty, environmental pollution, pollution at work, and all kinds of addiction.


Vaccination Healthy lifestyle Vulnerable groups of society Epidemiological research 

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